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Individuals involved in drug cases are not neglected.  Those involved will be referred and appropriate action is taken.

The cases which are referred are:

  1. Those who undergo the Supervision Programme

  2. Those who are arrested

  3. Referrals by the family

The personal problems which are dealt with, are those with:

  1. Individuals involved

  2. Family crisis

  3. Unemployment

  4. Delinquency problems

Criteria for those who are supported are

  1. Individuals involved

  2. Parents

  3. Spouses and children (for married couples)

Types of assistance rendered:

  • For every case referred, a Social Services Files will be opened.  The case will be investigated to find out the problems encountered. 
  • Every case will have to go through a counseling session, including individual counseling and family counseling sessions.  The objective of this counseling is to help them find courage and confidence in facing their problems and to guide them towards self-reliance.

  • The selected cases will then be referred to the appropriate department or agencies, for example;
  1. Those who are jobless will be referred to the Department of Labour.

  2. Those who need financial support will be referred to the Welfare, Youth and Sports Department, 'Baitul Mal' and 'Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation'.

  3. Those who are facing  family crisis will be referred to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • All cases will be supervised from time to time in order to achieve good results.