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The Supervision Programme monitors offenders who have consumed illicit drugs and inhaled intoxicating substances.  These offenders are registered either on mandatory or voluntary basis.


  • The Mandatory Supervision Scheme for those offenders that have been convicted by court or is released from prison or from the Rehabilitation Centre.
  • The Voluntary Supervision Scheme are open to the private sectors, government sectors and members of the public who wishes to be assisted in eliminating drug habits.
  • Students will be referred by their schools if they have failed to undergo the Guidance and Counselling Scheme for 3 months conducted in their respective schools.
  • For employees, a letter of approval from their respective employees or head of department must be submitted before they can register for this scheme.


Under the Supervision Scheme Regulations a registered person:

  • Must report to Supervision Officer at the particular time and place as scheduled by the Supervision Officer;
  • Allow the Supervision Officer to visit his residence;
  • Will not change address without written consent by the Supervision Officer;
  • Will not depart Brunei Darussalam without approval by the Supervision Officer;
  • Must immediately inform Supervision Officer of any changes in employment;
  • Must attend at a particular time and place to provide urine samples when required by Supervision Officer;
  • Must not to be found in any place or with anyone as requested by Supervision Officer;
  • Must attend when required for counselling at anytime or place or in front of anyone when ordered by Supervision Officer;
  • Will not possess any illegal drugs;
  • Will not abuse any illegal drugs at all.


The activities of Supervision Programme may include:

  • To get urine samples from drug addicts, for urine tests at the Scientific Laboratory on every attendance;
  • Taking blood sample on inhalant abusers for blood tests at the Scientific Laboratory within the prescribed period of times;
  • To interview the person under supervision on improvements during the supervision programme and any of their developments in their marriage, job and others;
  • Conduct briefings on social, religious or sports activities;
  • Plan and organize visiting programs.


If the person under supervision is found to be able to follow the programme successfully,  the Supervision Officer can then forward to the Assistant Director of Supervision for their recommendation for release.

The duration for Drug Supervision is from 6 to 24 months, whilst for Inhalant Supervision is for 6 to 12 months.

Criteria assessed before putting up recommendation for release will be based on the followings:

  • Excellent Attendance;     
  • Negative results of urine tests which do not contain any illegal drug substances (or blood tests which do not contain any inhalant substances);
  • Shown good conduct and behaviour and an indication of improvement in attitude;
  • Well disciplined.


Narcotics Control Bureau enforces the Misuse of Drug Acts, Misuse of Drug Regulation (Approved Institution, Treatment and Rehabilitation)  1987. If the person under Supervision is found to commit such an offence, they will be brought to court for Prosecution.